If your business is online, chances are you are that you are receiving your customers from all over the world. This would mean that you will be transacting with different forms of currencies depending on which country the customers are from. Because of this, it is best to know how to manage your online payment solution account properly while you deal with so many currencies.


Organizing your currencies and know your exchange rates

When dealing with various currencies through a single online payment service account, it can be hard to keep track of the funds that you are sending and receiving because of the different conversion rates that you are dealing with. This is why you should make it a point to set up some kind of organization on how you will deal with these multiple currency changes.

One of the ways that you can do this is to set up a primary currency for the funds that will be in your account. This currency should be the one that you use more than any of the others and can also be the currency that you use to get your payouts. This is so that you will have a base amount to compare the exchange rates with when you convert currencies. Once you get all the currencies you transact with lined up, you can then check on the fluctuations of their exchange rates in a more methodical way.

Features of online payment solutions

There are advanced payment solutions that allow you to add on other currencies to show up on your profile. This online money services provider also enables your account to support that specific currency without having to go through a manual currency converter with every transaction with the same location.

Since there are fees like exchange rates that are added on when you convert a currency every time you make a transaction, this may cost you more in the long run. Being able to support different currencies will allow you to bypass those extra charges and also avoid having to keep checking on the exchange rates as you use your account.

Try multi-currency accounts

Multi-currency accounts or foreign currency accounts enable you to keep the funds on your account in one or more currencies for you to be able to transact with whenever you want. This method allows you to avoid mistakes as you will be in the know, in real-time.

Local bank transfers

For ease of use and functionality, you can use a money services provider that has the option to make local bank transfers. This service is available for payment transactions in over 50 countries in over twenty different currencies. This advance payment solution solves how to manage various currencies. It also reduces the need for exchanging currencies.

Virtual USA or EU account

If you accept payments in US dollars or Euro, it’s a good idea to own a virtual USA or an EU account. When you have this kind of virtual account, local SEPA and ACH payments go directly to it. You will have the advantage of having the most popular and stable state-backed currency accounts.